Nii Quaye-Mensah & Associates
is a wholly owned Ghanaian firm of chatered Accountants,
Liquidators and Management Consultants which was established in 1980,It is an associate member of reputable HLB International(UK) Chartered Accountants  / Management Consultants with associate branches in principal cities throughout the world.In Ghana firm is also associated with Rockson, Adoe, Parry & Co.

Why Choose Us


Honest and Dependable

The corporate image of the firm is very high, and it is regarded as one of the few successful ones amongst the
indigenous Ghanaian firms ranking “pari passu” with some of the international accountancy firms operating 
in Ghana. 


We Are Always Improving

The firm is rated amongst the first six in Ghana, with its specialized knowledge and as pioneers broke into the
field of liquidation of SOEs and SMEs in Ghana at the outset ofthe privatization  programme in 1992.


We Are Passionate

The firm has a large scale of skilled professionals with a mostly a decade of experience.


The firm operates with a crack team of Ghanaian Consultant who are highly qualified and experienced in Government,Industrial and Commercial accounting.


1. Auditing and Investigations
2. Taxation – Corporate Tax and Personal Income Tax computations
3. Provision of Accountancy Services to Sole Proprietors, Partnerships,Government Agencies, etc.
4. PAYE Computations and Verifications, etc.
5. Management Consultancy Services
6. Feasibility Studies, Capitalization, Project Evaluation, etc
7. Specialist Consultants/Liquidators for DIC,Registrar General's Department and other Private companies.


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